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The Fish of Florida

(Taken from "Fishing Lines," a free publication by the Department of Environmental Protection)

Some of the regulated fish commonly caught by Florida anglers.

If you would prefer to browse Florida's fish by family, click here.

(Names link to more info)

Cobia Longbill spearfish Shortfin mako
Almaco jack Common Snook Mahagony snapper Silk snapper
American shad Crevalle jack Mutton snapper Silver seatrout
Atlantic sharpnose shark Cubera snapper Nassau grouper Silver perch
Atlantic croaker Dog snapper Palometa Spanish mackerel
Atlantic spadefish Dolphin Permit Spotted seatrout
Banded rudderfish Fantail mullet Queen snapper Striped (black) mullet
Bank sea bass Fat snook Red snapper Swordfish
Black sea bass Florida pompano Red grouper Swordspine Snook
Black grouper Gag Red drum Tarpon Snook
Black drum Gray snapper Rock sea bass Tarpon
Blackfin snapper Greater amberjack Sailfish Vermilion snapper
Blue runner Gulf flounder Sand seatrout Weakfish
Blue marlin Jewfish Sandbar shark White marlin
Bluefish King mackerel Scalloped hammerhead White grunt
Bonefish Ladyfish Scamp Yellowfin grouper
Bonnethead shark Lane snapper Schoolmaster Yellowmouth grouper
Cero Lesser amberjack Sheepshead Yellowtail snapper